If ever there were a time and moment worth investing in the services of a professional photographer or cinematographer, it is your wedding day! At Dreamlife Photos & Video, we are not only experts in wedding photography and cinematography, we are storytellers. With the utmost of quality and care taken in image-making, we work hand in hand with our clientele in creating cherished memories that will last forever.
Offering the classical beauty of traditional film techniques alongside the brilliance of modern digital technologies, we make the magic of your “once in a lifetime” event everlasting. Our aesthetic and candid approach seeks to embrace each heartfelt smile, every enchanting glance, and the unique human connection that spark, between you and your loved ones, guaranteeing you stunning bridal wedding photos and high definition videos that are brought to life.
We offer the finest in artistic style and elegance with the utmost professionalism. Rated as among the top ten wedding photography companies in New York, our experience and creativity will ensure you a most fascinating journey.

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